• Tatajuba, in addition to being the Kitesurfing Paradise, is a place of exuberant nature. A place with calm waters, with the strongest and safest wind in Brazil.

  • The nature in Tatajuba changes constantly, there are natural aquariums in the coming and going of the tides where you can observe colorful fish in natural basins on the rocks.

  • One of the largest dunes in the state of Ceará, Morro Branco, or as it is known, Duna Encantada, will give you a 360º view of Old Tatajuba, Nova Tatajuba, Vila Nova, Vila São Francisco. There is a legend about this dune, some natives love to tell the stories.

  • Duna do Funil and other coastal dunes are excellent places to watch the most beautiful sunset on the West Coast of CE. 360º views, interdune lagoons between February and June and unforgettable moments await you.

  • For fishing lovers, native fishermen are masters of the art of fishing in this warm sea. Schedule with a fisherman from the village and go see the Parnaíba ship wrecked in our sea and take the opportunity to get to know the marine species in the region.

  • You might be lucky during your stay and watch the birth of Sea Turtles up close on our beaches, a spectacle of nature that deserves to be preserved and watched closely.

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